Electrolysis (hair removal)

Geri panayotva electrolysis hair removal
Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal. It is also a very safe method of hair removal. Using a magnifying lamp, a minute sterile needle is inserted into the hair follicle and a tiny, energy current is discharged to ‘kill’ the cells that produces the hair. It can be used to treat any type of hair, regardless of colour, density and skin type.


Minimum fee £23
15 minutes £23
30 minutes £40
45 minutes £55
I hour £65
Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal. It has the stamp of approval as such by the Food and Drug Admininstration in the US and the British Medical Council. It has earned this status due to its ability to remove hair of all colours and textures from all skin types.
The treatment itself involves the insertion of a tiny sterile probe into a pre-existing opening of the skin where the hair follicle lives and disabling the follicle with a short pulse of heat. As tedious as it sounds to treat each follicle one by one, the latest technology in vision aids and epilators allows for a speed of up to 15 hairs per minute. The same technologies have also made the electrolysis process much more comfortable while preserving its effectiveness.
Since not all hair grows at the same time, a series of treatments is required to cover all growth in the area. Most people see a significant difference after 6 months of treatment and are finished by 12 months. Clients with hormonal fluctuations like PCOS, adrenal and pituitary tumours, or on Tamoxifen, will take longer to complete – 18 -24 months.
In the initial consultation you will be advised on what your expectations should be if you attend your appointments as per the treatment plan tailored for you.
Our electrologist, Geri, is highly qualified and experienced. She’s specialized for more than 10 years in Permanent Hair Reduction and Removal while working for some of the biggest brands in Aesthetics in London as a practitioner and a trainer.
Geri utilizes the latest equipment, research and treatment protocols to ensure maximum comfort and value for the money for her clients. Her work speaks for itself, so please look at the cases published here.
Geri also carries out Advanced Cosmetic Procedures for the treatment of skin blemishes, with a proven track record and positive results!
In ACP electrolysis is used to remove a number of unsightly skin blemishes like skin tags, moles, Seb K’s (senile warts), plain warts, broken capillaries, spider naevus, DPN’s, milia, comedones, sebaceous hyperplasia, xanthelasma  and more. A single treatment is normally required per lesion and it is usually possible on the same day as the consultation.



Before Treatment

Before hair removal electrolysis
Female, 30 yrs old, skin type III
Before commencing treatment March 2013

After Treatment

after hair removal electrolysis
After 15 hrs of electrolysis over 3 months on full face in June 2013
Advanced electrolysis

Removes skin tags, red veins, millia, blood spots, warts, broken capiliaries and more.


15 minutes £50

30 Minutes £90

45 minutes £130

Skin tag before & after

skin tags before removal advanced electrolysis
after skin tag removal advanced electrolysis

5 months after a single treatment April 2013

Female, 63 yrs old, skin type IV

Before treatment November 2012


Seborrheic Keratosis lesions are benign build up of skin cells that start appearing after turning 40 and are easily and successfully treated by Advanced Electrolysis.


seborrheic keratosis removal advanced electrolysis
seborrheic keratosis removal advanced electrolysis

Female, 61 yrs old, skin type II

Before treatment May 2013

2 months after a single treatment

July 2013