Eyelashes & Brows

Eyelash extensions


Strip lashes £12
Lasts up to 24 hours applied using a Latex glue.
Individual party Lashes full set £28
Lasts from 2-10 days using a stronger glue.
Party lash Infills £18
Party lash Corners £14
Don't want a full set just add a subtle hint of glamour with the corners of your lashes enhanced
Party Lashes Removal £14
Party lashes Removal plus New set £35
Semi permanent lashes 
Lashes are superb quality, semi-permanent lash extensions for darker, longer, thicker lashes. Soft and virtually weightless they are applied to look just like natural lashes, and feel extremely comfortable. 
Last up to 4 weeks.
Full set singles £55
Full set 3D layered (2 hours) £75
Infill at 2 weeks (75 mins) £35
Infill at 3 weeks (90 mins) £40
Infill 4 weeks (1hr 45 mins) £45 
Infill 5 weeks (2 hours) £60
Eyebrow shape (wax/Thread/ Pluck) £8
Eyebrow Tint* £8
Eyelash Tint* £10
Eyelash & brow tint* £15
Eyelash, brow tint with shape* £22
*needs patch test 24 hours before if it's your first treatment with us




Woman with Long Eyelashes