Interest Free Finance Options

We can now offer our clients interest free credit on courses of treatments over £500.


We're offering affordable and flexible Interest Free Credit to customers making larger purchases payable over the course of sessions.


NO credit checks or searches!

Now you can afford those treatments you always wished for!


Key facts


Our simple payment plan allows you to spread the cost of your purchase, all we require is:

  • A minimum spend of £500 and above

  • A minimum deposit of 2 payments.


Example 1: 


Cost of course of 6 treatments


IPL Lower leg , Bikini thong and underarms(including 40% discount) £1116


(cost per session £186)


Deposit £372 


5 payments at £148.80 every six weeks


Example 2:


Lightening lift peels x3 £241.50 (30% off)

Microdermabrasion x6 £147 (30% off)

Signature Peels x 3 £157.50 (30% off)

Total £546


Deposit £182


Followed by 5 instalments £72.80 




Deposit £91

Followed by 10 instalments of £45.50 Payable every 2 weeks



Terms & Conditions

minimum spend £500+ per person

Excludes single sessions, courses only.

Excludes injectables PDO facelifts by the nurse, hair extensions, semi permanent make up, nails and pedicures.

Strictly NO refunds

1st instalment is due on 1st treatment.

We need 24 hours notice for any cancellations or changes to your appointment including rebooking.

If you do not give a FULL 24 hours notice you will lose one of your treatments and still have to pay the full course.

If you start the treatment course and do not finish the treatments you will lose your initial deposit and lose the right to pay by installments in future.

If you stop paying your installments, you will lose your deposit.

If you have a medical condition or pregnant/breast feeding that prevents you from having the treatments, we will hold your treatment finance plan until you are free to continue treatment.

If you have to stop treatments due to ill health or medical condition you will get half your deposit back with a doctors letter, we can transfer the existing courses to other treatment courses that might be more suitable for you, if there are no alternatives no refund will be given.

If you just change your mind about the course of treatments you will lose your deposit

Installments must be paid every time you come in for a treatment, your medical aesthetican will give you a payment plan so you are aware of how much to pay and when.

Results of treatments are not guaranteed, each client is different.



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