Laser Hair Removal

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Our Laser Hair removal treatment is suitable for all skin types and is the latest technology on the market.


Our Triple Wave Ice Laser has 3 most effective wavelengths for hair removal, each targeting different structures within the hair follicle. The 3 main anatomical targets include the Bulge, Bulb and Papilla.


  • We have the Diode 808nm wavelength which makes treatments fast, this wavelength is also suitable for light skin types with dark hair

  •  The Alexandrite 755nm wavelength suitable for Red and fair hairs

  • Finally the ND Yag 1064nm long pulse laser suitable for Tanned, Black and Asian skin types.


Our triple wave laser also has an ice chilled tip to make treatments comfortable and virtually painless, we say virtually because we believe you still need to feel a bit of heat to effectively destroy the hair follicles.


Our clients find this treatment more comfortable than IPL hair removal.



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Consultation and Patch test?


A consultation and patch test is required for each person, even if you have had IPL hair removal with us or have had laser elsewhere.


We will ask you about your medical history so please bring names of medications if you are taking any.


  • A patch test is done on a small section on each different body areas you want to be treated.

  • The Patch Test provides us with the optimal temperature for your skin and checks the sensitivity leave if your skin.

  • You are required to wait a minimum of 24 to 72 hours for darker skins before your first session, your aesthetician will advise you.

  • The purpose of the patch test is to highlight any adverse reactions you may have to the treatment.

  • We charge £20.00 for the Patch Test and consultation which is refundable against your first session/course.


Can any area of the body be treated with Laser Hair removal?


Most areas can be treated with laser hair removal, as long as the hair is suitable for laser. The brows are generally not treatable due to it being too close to the eye.

We don't treat male genitalia with laser. Your aesthetican will discuss the areas you would like treated in your consultation.


How will the Laser hair removal be performed?


There are 3 main steps involved in a typical Laser Hair Removal session:

  • The hair should be shaved prior to the treatment. We need the hairs to be just at the surface of the skin to make the treatment more effective & as comfortable as possible.

  • The area will be wiped & marked out with a white pencil.

  • Gel will be applied to the area and will be treated with a laser applicator, with a built in cooling device to ease pain & reduce sensitivity.

  • At the end of your session cooling Aloe Vera Gel ,Tea tree lotion & Sun Protection (if necessary) will be applied.


How does Laser Hair removal work?

  • the laser wavelengths penetrates deep into tissue (3-5mm)

  • Absorbed by peri-follicular melanin, hair shaft

  • Thermal damage to key structures:

    • bulb, bulge, vascular supply

  • Hair regrowth is impeded

  • Follicle remains intact but miniaturised

  • Conversion of terminal to vellus hair

  • Gentle burst of laser light

  • Penetrates into the skin to the root of the hair

  • Targets the brown pigment (melanin) in the hair shaft

  • The hair absorbs the light energy and converts it to heat

  • Thus heating up the follicle

  • And disabling the hair growth mechanism

  • Laser only targets hair in the anagen (growth) phase

  • And only a certain % of the hair is in anagen at any one time

  • So several treatments will be required


What is the hair growth cycle?


In order to understand Laser Hair Removal further you need an understanding of the Hair Growth Cycle. The Hair growth cycle has three distinct growth phases.


These are known as the:

  • Anagen:   Active growth phase

  • Catagen: Regressive phase

  • Telogen:   Resting phase


Special Note: It is ONLY during the active growth ‘Anagen’ phase that Laser can disables hair growth.


  • The cycle for Facial Hair renews every 4-6 weeks

  • The cycle for Body Hair renews every 6-8 weeks

  • The cycles for each hair is not synchronised, it is because this that we recommend having multiple treatments & at the correct time for optimal results. e.g. Every 4 weeks for Face & 6 weeks for Body treatments.


What can I expect from the treatment?


  • Significant Hair Reduction in the treatment area.

  • Hair growth slowing down

  • Finer softer Hairs.

  • Less pigmented Light colour Hairs.

  • Eradication of thick coarse Terminal Hairs.

  • Eradication of Ingrown Hairs.

  • Smoother Softer Baby Skin. Laser is proven to improve skin texture, heating up the dermis stimulates collagen production.


How many sessions will I need?


The number of treatments are dependant on the individual.

The number of treatments is also dependant on medical background & hormonal changes in the body.


Some clients are happy after 6 sessions; whereas some people will desire more. It is important to note that maintenance sessions may be required.

Usually, woman’s face require more treatments than bodily areas. Women are predisposed to grow new hair on the face as they get older. Hormones, menopause & medication all increase growth.


Areas like legs, bikini & under arms are 95% successful because women are predisposed to lose hair in these areas as they get older.


What is the difference between IPL hair removal and Laser Hair Removal?

Please click here to see our blog about the difference of Laser and IPL 





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