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Aromatherapy Massage 


The perfect way to relax and de-stress. 


An aromatherapy massage gently eases tense muscles, helping to reduce levels of anxiety, boosting the immune system and providing a sense of well being. This is achieved by the use of aromatic essential oils which are gently and soothingly rubbed into the muscles. After the massage clients often feel more relaxed and calm, and it is wise to just sit quietly for at least a few minutes before heading back into everyday life! It is also important to remember to drink plenty of water after a massage to help flush out the toxins that will have been released into the body. 


Full body (1 hour) £55


Back massage (30 mins) £40


Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from flowers and plants with an aim to balance the emotions and improve general health and wellbeing. Your therapist will carefully choose a blend of essential oils to address your symptoms or mood. These are added to a carrier oils and applied to your skin through massage. There is evidence that Aromatherapy can alleviate symptoms associated with stress and relieve tension. Essential oils may also be chosen for their detoxifying properties.